Why your chimney needs to be swept regularly

It is of crucial importance that a working chimney is routinely swept and it’s overall condition maintained to a high standard, with any repairs carried out with haste. A poorly-kept conduit will not safely extract smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) from your home, leading to a potential hazard to health as well as increasing the risk of fire.

Over 31 thousand homes experience a chimney fire each year

The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps advises that, on average,
over 31 thousand homes across the United Kingdom experience a chimney fire each year, with over 9000 of these resulting in damage to the property. This is a startling figure when you consider that simply ensuring that your flue is kept clear of Carbon (soot) deposits and in general good condition would prevent such events from occurring.

Certificates of Chimney Sweeping for Insurance

Many insurance companies will not pay out in the event of damage caused by a chimney fire unless a certificate of proof, indicating that a professional, licensed chimney sweep has carried out maintenance, can be provided. As registered members of our trade body, The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps, we provide these certificates with every sweep that we undertake.

Free, Qualified Advice Available

If you require any advice on the general upkeep of your fireplace and the safety precautions you should be taking, please do not hesitate to ask when we visit your home. As experienced, accredited professionals, we are happy to provide our qualified advice to ensure our customer’s confidence and safety.


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