To save you time I have tried below to answer the most common requests that appear in my inbox, if you request is more esoteric then please use the contact form – Best wishes Owen.

1) Is the Estimate free of charge?
Yes, all estimates and advice are free of charge

2) Can we supply references from previous customers?
Yes, due to our high level of customer service and craftsmanship we are pleased to say that many of our existing customers are willing to act as a reference.

3) How long have we been supplying and installing wood flooring?
We have been working with wood flooring and LVT flooring for over 20 years.

4) What is our lead time?
This differs depending on what time of the year it is but as a general rule between 4 to 6 weeks.

5) How far will we travel to install or sand a floor?
We cover the whole of East Anglia. Predominantly Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Hertfordshire. We are prepared to travel to further locations but this may incur further costs.